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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Photo Frame Collage


Photo Frame Collage

Collage is a set of different pictures combine to make a single picture, or in different words you can say that different memories have been put in together in one frame. There are photo frames where one can place different colors and sizes of photos in one single frame. These arts can be shared at various social networking websites like facebook, twitter, instagram etc.
How to draw a collage:
•    Pickup any of your favorite layouts.
•    Browse in your pictures from the computer which you want should be a part of your collage and upload them on the layout.
•    Resize the photos, according to size of the layout.
•    Choose any of the frames
•    The photos selected can be rotated, or can be set up in the frames the way you want, say it can be tilted or straightened, stretched etc.
•    Then you can directly share the collage so created or save it on your computer.
Various themes are also being provided in by such applications like birthday, Christmas, new year, diwali, anniversary etc.
Photo Frame CollageFeatures of the Photo Frame Collage
•    The collage so created can be shared on email or messengers.
•    Very User friendly to use
•    Users are being provided various options of layouts to choose from
•    The art being created can be customized and stored into the gallery
•    The collage can be shared on the social networking sites too.

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