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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Online Urban Planning

Urban planning is the most difficult department around the world, and with the new technologies, it's started to educated from online some companies. This is a good suggestion who are busy on his business life and this online urban planning systems aims to teach the main ideas of urban planning.

In this article, i try to explain which these online urban planning companies work ways. First of all, they prepare you to be an urban planner start with creating an urban planner vision, and they contract with you, then they want to learn the all details of your project and goals, this is the key stage of this work because the details decide the way of project.

In this stage they get the site photos from the ground and aerial photos as well as a base map engineering survey of your property, they generally use their file transfer systems for these transfers. With that step they start to work on project and they send esquisse to you to inform about the way of project so you can follow the steps and intervention when you want. You can share your ideas in this step easily.

Finally, when they finish your tasks, they send you a high resolution booklet about your project and also a plan report. These booklets are generally ready to print so you can share with your property in a short time, or these online urban planning firms send you the hard copy of this booklet for a fee, you can choose the size and quality of these booklets.


  1. hey nice article :)
    I'm studying urban design now and I'm looking for examples about building a low income neighborhood housing do u have any idea or example I can search about plzzz

  2. thx for your comment, you can check out developing countries such as nigeria, south africa, turkey etc. also i think you should check the social and technical infrastructure for neighborhood housing if it's a mass housing project

  3. thxxx for ur answer I found some project but I could only find pictures about it I was hoping to find some plans or explanation anyway I will continue Googling :|

  4. this is a wonderful site and i am looking forward to using this site both to give and receive information

  5. aneisha if you want to be a writer in this blog, i will give you permission