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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Urban Design Project in Kadıköy Turkey 1/500 Scale

Hello readers, in this article i will explain our urban design project which is on Kadıköy, İstanbul. Kadıköy is a transit movement center because of the big bus terminals and 3 ports also there is a historic train station which's name is Haydarpaşa. For these objects there are a lot of people movement.

We started with creating the main pedestration ways through the seaside and we want to create a culture island . In this new island we have 3 museums (city museum, toy museum and nature museum), one theatre, one handcraft center and a cultural center also we changed the status of Haydarpaşa from railway station to railway museum, also we use railways for pedestration and bike way like New York City example.
On the south of the area there are a big space for car parking, we use it for car park, sport,cultural activities and green areas. For pedestrians we create some posters and structures on their ways.
Consequently, we get out the car movement in this area, we use underground system to get people Kadıköy, also we create the biggest culture center in Turkey.

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