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Thursday, August 9, 2012


This assigment aims to reach the levels which are decided on Transportation Development Plan in 2005-2015.

Transportation was explained clearly and detailly in that plan. Starting from 1950’s , the immagration becoming a serious problem for cities, that causes the cities growned unplannedly, and transportation problem exactly occured. That transportation problems couldnt solved well, they only solved by daily solutions. That means , the connections between land use and transportation, skipped and big problems occured, because getting from someplace to other take a lot of time, and that daily solutions are not connected each other already, the people send to second place on transportation and plans made only for vehicles, and people want to be a owner of cars. That increase of car number means that people need wider roads, new cross roads and all of them reply the “journey request management” that means the solutions are all daily not long term.

We can see that transportation planinng omitted everytime, and in some cities transportation plan and zoning plans are not connected each other, land use and transportation ignored, and the transportation plans are not upgraded well, they are becoming old fashioned and cant reply the needs of days.

 First of all, the zoning plans and transportations plans should work together and transportation plans have to be a critical plan.All infrasacture developments made from transportation plans and public transportation should increase, new transportation systems should be used in cities and they have to be connected each other. In the other side, pedestrian and bicycle ways should be created and upgraded, parking lots, the quality of public transportion, sea usage, railway usage shoul improve and connect each other.

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