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Friday, November 11, 2011

Waterfront Development Projects

Hello everyone, here we are , we'll have to design a waterfront area for our school project, in this article i'll try to explain what we do in waterfront development projects.

Firstly, we analyzed area fuctions which are work or not work, also we did some search for worldwide examples, what they done for waterfront areas. Then we realized that they generally used public used functions such as parks, child garden, opera, museum, theatre etc.

Secondly, we parcelized our waterfront area for public used functions, also we need commercial areas so we spread commercial buildings to all project area, also we used different public used function, open exhibition hall one of these function, in these exhibition area we'll try to show our Turkish local hand made goods.

Finally, we selected building typologies so we are ready to process our project to area, you can follow these main steps for your waterfront projects.

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