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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Planning a Commercial Area

Hello everyone, a new article is here, it's about nowadays most trending topic is Commercial Area Planning. There are many ways to plan a commercial area but i'll try to explain the best way for you, Let's Start!!

First, we'll start with solving transportation problems, the best way in this situation, seperating the pedestrization to whole area and limit the vehicle ways also solve the parking problem. For pedestrization plan we have to follow Reddrum Rules, i think it's the best pedestrization system in the world. For public transportation, we should choose railways systems, such as train, metro etc. So we can solve the traffic problem, also decrease the carbon emission value.

In choosing building level, we have to select high level building also we should show importance on buildings typologies, these typologies are important because they are prestige symbols, they have to symbolize our concept. Also you can use green roof system for facing green area need.

The last part of our project is selecting the public use buildings and green areas. Public buildings typologies have to compatible with our commercial buildings, also they generally used for cultural function, not administration. In the first part our porject, pedestrization, show us the green areas in a skecth way. We can follow these pedestrization and locate these green areas.

You can write us to what you want to explained, we want to help us on your projects.

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